Fall Fundraiser

From October 3 through November 4


IMPORTANT! If you place an order with Boon Supply, you MUST email zptopres@gmail.com with the child’s name, their teacher’s name and the order total in order for it to count toward their incentive. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Why we fund-raise

The Zaharis PTO does a lot more than just put on fun events like Splashback and Carnival!

  • We help pay for field trips so everyone can go

  • We give the teachers annual allotments for classroom needs

  • We help fund ground improvements

  • We help pay for classroom technology

We do our best to help make sure every child has an opportunity to learn and grow at Zaharis!


Quickest, easiest way to give to the school without selling anything:


Your donation is tax-deductible and every penny will benefit the school and the students.

Your child will still be eligible for all of our fundraiser incentives (see below).


Want a more traditional fundraiser? We’d like to introduce you to:

Boon Supply Co

  • Household items

  • Organizational supplies

  • Holiday Gifts

  • and more!

Send our link to Grandma and Aunt Susan and maybe pick up some jewelry for yourself and pat yourself on the back because

50% goes back to Zaharis!*

*For your order to count toward a child's incentives total, please send an email to zptopres@gmail.com with the child's name, teacher's name, and your order total.


Prizes are cumulative!

EVERYONE who participates in the fundraiser will have their name entered into a drawing to win one of TEN carnival wristbands.

$10 raised - Flying Frog

$20 raised - Unicorn or Glow in the Dark Slime

$40 raised - $5 gift card for the book fair

$75 raised - Yoga party at school

Our top 10 fundraisers get to have a special lunch out with their PrinciPAL Mr. Oliver!

Questions? Email zptopres@gmail.com!