Box Tops bring in an average of $1500 for our school each year! It might feel silly sending in those little things, but it adds up quickly.

The Box Tops for Education program is slowly transitioning over to digital, but we’ll still be seeing physical Box Tops for a few years- please keep clipping them! We can even double up for a little while during this transition- so clip the physical Box Tops AND scan your receipts (see bottom of this page for info about how that works).

If we send in an incorrect Box Top they throw out the WHOLE BATCH so please make sure to send properly clipped Box Tops! Use this guide to make sure your Box Tops are good to go-

Box Tops Clipping Image

The digital Box Top platform is SUPER easy. Download the Box Tops for Education app from the app store to your phone and create (or log in with) an account. Tap the “scan” button at the bottom and scan your receipt. That’s IT. It’s super easy and takes less time than clipping physical Box Tops! You can find more info about the program and the app on the Box Tops for Education website.