Meeting Minutes 9/9/2019

In Attendance: Kayla Moncur, Tiffany Reeves, Michelle Skaarup, Jennifer Higbee, Brooke Cook, Audrey Coons, Jordann Pace, Ryanne Pinney, Clarice Patino, Lisa Painter, Frankie Jo Ceja, Angela Dill, Mary Carol Pace, Chris Dill, Gloria Kulesha, Della Kemp, Ms. Jewell, Ms. Fearnley

Action Item Recap - Jennifer Higbee

Conducting: Kayla Moncur

** Explanation of teacher funding.

- Mimeo Board request - voted and approved by board, as request sent during the summer. Price for this came in at about $300 less than originally thought, total of $ 899.00. This Mimeo board will benefit all ages attending Zaharis and will allow the teacher the opportunity to include music programs that cater to all varieties of learners.

- Discussed funding request from Stacy Barraclough, music teacher, for glockenspiels, as well as a request from Diann Christensen for special magnetic letters and trays for all classes K-3 and SID. Both of these votes were tabled for later discussion, as more questions need to be answered.

** Discussion regarding creating/increasing funding allotments for different departments. With pre-K now added to the school, the nurses office allotment is not sufficient to cover additional costs. The pre-K itself does not have an allotment as it is new to the school. A school counselor has been hired to help students but she has no allotment and extremely limited materials to adequately do her work. This new counselor is here in the capacity to help kids with anxiety and any struggles.

- Motion made, seconded, and passed to give the nurses office a $200 allotment

- Motion made, seconded, and passed to give the pre-K department a $200 allotment

- Motion made, seconded, and passed to give the new school counselor a $200 allotment

** Splashback is coming up this Thursday night. Papa John's will be there, and snowcones will be sold as well. Spread the word to come!

** Restaurant Nights are in full swing. We did really well at our first restaurant night at Jersey Mike's and brought in $ 321.30. The date for our next Restaurant Night at Red Robin's has been moved to Thursday, September 25.

[[Addendum - Papa John's is offering a restaurant night with money back to Zaharis on the same night as Splashback. Anyone that can't attend the pool party can still order pizza and help give back to the school!]]

** PTO will meet with the Student Council to get ideas and input from the kids regarding activities and functions this school year.

** Whittier is our sister school, and has a great need for many of the things Zaharis is blessed to have. This spring we will hold a book fair to help collect books and donate these to Whittier. The PTO board will be meeting with Whittier for a tour and to see about things needed.

** The PTO has many great activities planned for the year, but needs help on committees. Anyone willing to lend a hand is encouraged to sign up!

** Broke into committees for a few minutes to discuss some of the soonest up and coming activities - carnival, daddy-daughter dance, and breakfast with Santa.

Next meeting will be September 30, 2019 at 6:00 pm.

Kayla Moncur