Carnival Meeting Minutes 9/9/19

In Attendance: Kayla Moncur, Tiffany Reeves, Jennifer Higbee, Brooke Cook, Clarice Patino, Michelle Coffey

Brooke reviewed vision of carnival and overview of plans.

Michelle will cover asking businesses at Brown and Ellsworth for donations to carnival. Brooke will talk to Harmony about getting a picture of signage that we can include with the donation letter.

Tiffany will email a copy of the donation letter request with updated info.

Amber Smith will coordinate decor, but will need extra help.

Brooke will talk with Rebecca Squires about making posters. Another possibility for this is Megan Francom.

Kayla will take care of posting things to Facebook and social media. Amber Smith will cover Instagram.

Jim Cook will be in charge of ZBC announcements and the school poster contest for carnival advertising.

Kayla will ask Jennifer Jakemer about coordinating volunteers the night of carnival.

Brooke will reach out to ROTC groups first, possibly followed by NHS/NJHS groups, to enlist teenage helpers for carnival.

Kayla talked to Sylvain about adding lighting for a longer train ride. Brooke will follow up with him. He doesn't have any of the larger lights though, and Brooke will talk with Lyndsay Zappone about borrowing the Mountain Bridge light to use.

Kayla will confirm with Cup of Joey that they are booked for carnival.

We will need new prizes for the games this year as supplies are low.

Discussed prices for carnival, and it was decided to keep prices the same as last year, for both wristbands and raffle tickets.

Clarice Patino, Janette Weidman, and Lindsey Johnson will all be over the Dessert Walk.

[[Addendum: Caity Lambert volunteered to help Amber with decorations. Audrey Coons will head up the opportunity prize drawings. Jeff Jakemer will head up security and clean up, with Machelle Jones' help.]]

Next meeting: September 23 at 2:15

Kayla Moncur