Meeting Minutes 8/19/2019

** Meeting called to order by Kayla.

**Overview of PTO given. Our two main purposes are planning school community events and fundraising for the school.

** Reviewed ways PTO can bring in money from the community - Amazon Smile, Fry's card, Box Tops, restaurant nights, etc.

** Discussed the role of members-at-large vs. volunteers. A Member-At-Large has voting rights and is generally more involved with PTO, attending meetings where possible, helping with events, etc. Those interested in becoming Members-At-Large were asked to notate so on the attendance sheet.

** Discussed PTO meeting times. Last year we met twice a month, with one meeting right after school and one meeting in the evening. As we did not increase attendance by offering an evening meeting the board was set to meet right after school for all meetings this year. However, there was interest in continuing the evening meetings. The schedule will be adjusted so we can try it out.

** Discussed Band, the app that the PTO uses for communication. Anyone who becomes a member-at-large wishing to join can let Kayla know to be added.

**Discussed upcoming events of the year. The PTO board takes on a lot, but is looking to members-at-large to head up and coordinate planning committees for the year. The PTO board is still available to help where needed and will support all committees. Kayla gave an overview of upcoming events and those needing coordinators and volunteers.

** Discussed Box Tops - we really want everyone to get the app! A question was asked about Wal-Mart grocery pickup where no receipt given (so cannot scan in app). Megan will do some research to find out what is needed. [Follow-up - Megan found that something digital can be sent in the place of an actual scanned receipt, but it may take 10+ days to qualify. Additionally, it doesn't seem to be working too well and some credit not given, so it is best to get a printed receipt for credit.]

** Discussed incentives to do for the school at different levels we reach in collecting money from Box Tops. We will ask Student Council to come up with ideas for incentive days. Tiffany will talk with Robert and Mindy.

** Splashback will be on Sept. 12. Flyers should be sent home this week. Papa Johns will be there selling pizzas (can preorder). Brooke Cook will reach out to the Wood's family to see if they would be willing to sell shave ice.

** Discussed upcoming Restaurant Nights. Everyone come out and support!

** Discussed teacher allotments and how they work, as well as other things the PTO funds for the school. The PTO board will share via bulletin board and social media, along with meeting notes on, where and how the money that is raised via fundraising goes back into supporting our fabulous school!

** Reminder for all to check for meeting notes to stay on top of what is going on. The PTO will also send out highlights of meeting discussions in various locations. Amber Smith is taking on Instagram this year to make that more of a presence as well.

** Picture Day is coming up on 8/27. Volunteers needed to help, and will get 50% off their picture order.

** Discussed budget increase override and getting the word out. It will be a mail-in vote only this year. There will be a short presentation on this before our next meeting on 9/9, right after school. All are encouraged to attend.

** Celebrity sighting! Mr. Oliver stopped in to say hi and to update all on the evolution of inquiry-based learning, as we have here at our wonderful school.

NEXT MEETING: September 9, 2019 at 2:15 pm.

Kayla Moncur