Meeting Minutes 4/22/2019

In attendance:  Kayla Moncur, Tiffany Reeves, Jennifer Higbee, Janette Weidman, Megan Lindley, Brooke Cook

** Fund Run update - total collected (before prizes and other fees) = $ 24,220.25

          - PTO will pay for sound system, then Kayla and Mr. Smith will discuss split of remaining funds for PTO and student council

          - This Wednesday Kayla will figure out prizes and get them distributed

** We will be getting a bill for the Makerspace t-shirts soon.  A lot of t-shirts sold!

** Votes for the 2019/2020 spirit shirt were counted.  Shirt #1 was the winner.  We will have Mr. Carroll announce the winner on ZBC and show the winning design.  James Washburn offered to provide a quote again for this year.  Kayla will send the design to him.

** Teacher Appreciation Week

          - Kayla will ask Lyndsay what donations are needed

          - We need runners for coffee/drinks on Monday morning 5/6 - Brooke volunteered to help

          - We may set up a short meeting next week to discuss this...Kayla will let everyone know when if that happens.

** School in need of spotlight(s), and would love to have before Zaharis Idol.  The cost for one is $550.00.  Motion carried and was approved to use funding from student activities to cover the cost of one.

** Box Tops

          - This Thursday 4/25 is the final submission date for Box Tops wanting to be counted for the current submission cutoff.

          - At the beginning of next year we would like to figure out a time where we can quickly explain to parents how to do Box Tops, that way we can more fully utilize this.

          - We want to continue collecting dimes next year.

          - Kayla will set up a date of the Box Top popsicle party with Nancy

** Discussed having more structured voting, reviewing of minutes, etc. at meetings next year.  Megan gave us a list of procedures that can be followed to better structure and flow the meetings.

** Kayla will find out if there will be a new student orientation this next year...if so we will ask about having a quick moment to explain PTO and things we do, or if not, then at Kindergarten Boot Camp

** Jennifer will send an email to members-at-large asking for people to chair some of next year's events (with the support of the PTO of course!)

** Kayla will book the pool for Splashback -- looking at September 6 or 13

** Planning carnival for next year on November 15.  Shannon Skelton has contacts for some people who can help with carnival.  We will sit down with her soon to get info on those contacts.

** Discussed creating a new position on the PTO board of communications secretary.  This person will be in charge of handling flyers, updating the bulletin board, ZBC communications, helping Kayla with social media, and other assorted duties.  Anyone interested in the position will need to email Kayla at by May 3, as we will hold elections on May 6.

** Kayla will look into a landing page online where we can list all the school things going on that kids can be involved in at Zaharis, both community activities and school sponsored activities.  Tiffany will start putting together a list of what is offered.

** Tomorrow 4/23 at 1:45 pm, Ms. Kitchell's classroom will make a presentation on Zaharis water bottles.

** Next year our meeting schedule will be the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 2:30 pm.  Our first meeting of the new school year will be August 19.  Kayla will talk with Nancy about a room to consistently meet in.

NEXT MEETING:  Monday, May 6 at 2:30 pm

Kayla Moncur