Meeting Minutes 2/11/2019

n attendance:  Kayla Moncur, Tiffany Reeves, Michelle Skaarup, Jennifer Higbee

** Reviewed treasury report

** Discussed having next year's meetings at 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm

** Next year we will talk to Shannon Skelton about some of her carnival contacts and look to save some money in some areas

** Next we will share goals for fundraiser money to help generate interest

** Discussed the amount we need to keep at the end of each year to start us for the next year

** Discussed pros vs. cons of moving Carnival to the spring or keeping in the fall

** Discussed doing school shirts earlier.  Kayla will begin organizing things for the design contest.  Tiffany will ask Mindy about sweatshirts she ordered earlier.

** Money will be reallocated to fund a new K-1 theatrical production that meets 1st grade curriculum standards.  Kayla will have Julie and Chelsea submit receipts.

** Kayla will figure out ways to add fee to Square Space/credit card payments

** For Box Tops/dimes collection, only PTO board can handle money, so we will have dimes stay with teachers until PTO collects -- Kayla will discuss with Box Top coordinators

** Kayla will do social push about Box Tops

** Tiffany will schedule a sit down with Robert and Mindy so we can discuss fund run

** Oregano's restaurant night on 2/20 -- Tiffany is sending home flyers and putting up banners, Kayla will send email and social push 

** Tiffany will ask Mindy if student council will pay part of teacher appreciation week gifts

** Movie night coming up on April 5.  Kayla will touch base with Gioia to see if she is still coordinating this.  Tiffany will check inventory of popcorn supplies.  We will all be thinking of kids movies to show that night.

** Everyone be thinking of fundraiser ideas, we will plan to make a decision re: fundraiser at 3/25 PTO meeting

** No meeting on 3/11 for Spring Break

** School spirit shirts to get started:

          Shirt design submissions to be turned in by 3/22

          Choices narrowed to three top designs on 3/25

          School voting on shirt designs 3/28 and 3/29 - kids will get 1 ticket to cast vote

          Tally votes on 4/1

          Winner announced on 4/5 at movie night

Next meeting on February 25 at 2:30 pm

Kayla Moncur