Meeting Minutes 1/14/2019

In attendance:  Kayla Moncur, Tiffany Reeves, Michelle Skaarup, Jennifer Higbee, Megan Lindley, Lyndsay Zappone, Gail Heden

** Michelle gave the treasury report.  Carnival made $ 3792.00, and fundraiser made $5853.93 after prizes.

** We received and reviewed two proposals from students in GTP for capstone projects

.          - Motion passed for Catherine and Emily to paint a forest mural in the piano area

          - Motion passed for Brynn and Marley to redo the outside girls bathroom

** GTP is looking for more funding.  Mr. Carroll wants to have a STEAM club on Fridays where a cap of 20 students can pay $5 or $10 each to stay for 2 hours and do a STEAM project.  Discussed how to run the money for this and the possibility of PTO managing those funds.

** Tiffany will check with Mindy to see when the Fund Run will be held this year.

** Teacher Appreciation week this year will by May 6-10.  Lyndsay volunteered to start working on a theme and ideas.

** Discussed Valentine grams and selling them at lunch to kids, then handing out on Valentines Day.  Lyndsay will look into designing them.

** We are going to send out a spring flier for Kumon.  They sponsored a booth at carnival and have this flier for us to send out and promote.

** Reviewed restaurant nights.

            - Peter Piper is scheduled for March 6.

            - Tiffany had been planning to schedule Oregano's on 2/20; however, will look at rescheduling to April if we decided to offer pizza at school event on 2/22.  She will check on having Cafe Rio at that time instead.

            - Tiffany will also be stopping by Barros to meet with the manager.

** Zaharis Family Picnic - 2/22/19         

- Kemp's priced out food -- hot dog, bun, chips, water bottle, foil, and condiments would come to $0.90/person

          - Smores priced out to $0.50/person

          - Discussed pros and cons to cooking hot dogs ourselves vs. having Papa John's or other vendors selling food

          - Discussed combining this event with movie night.  Activity to begin at 5:00 pm, activities from 5:00-6:30 pm, dinner available beginning at 6:00 pm, movie to be shown on blow-up screen in the bus loop area starting at 6:30 pm.

          - Tiffany will talk with Lee family about Boyd singing campfire songs, and Josh selling cotton candy (per his offer to do so at carnival) 

        - Tiffany will call Desert Adventures 

        - We would like to have a Boy Scout troop or first responder teach some wilderness survival/first aid (ex. snake bites, removing cactus spines, etc.).  Michelle will talk with Mr. Cook, who is a Boy Scout troop leader.

          - Tiffany will ask the 4th grade team if they would be willing to run the park hike and take out groups every 10-15 minutes

          - Discussed having a popcorn and hot chocolate stand

          - Would like to have ranger come talk about animals, etc.

          - Kayla is asking Jen Kunz about doing something on astronomy

          - Discussed having cornhole and other games to play

          - Lyndsay will be over a craft, possibly friendship bracelets

          - Kayla is talking with 5th grade about having archery there

          - Would ask families to bring their own chairs and blankets

          - Posters to advertise and preorder forms need to be made and started soon, everyone needs to get moving on checking things out so a decision can be made on this.

NEXT MEETING:  Monday, January 28, 2019 at 2:30 pm.

Kayla Moncur