Community Meeting Minutes 11/26/2018

In attendance: Kayla Moncur, Tiffany Reeves, Gail Heden, Megan Lindley, Michelle Skaarup, Lindsey Wentzel (Peter Piper rep)

Peter Piper presentation: Lindsey came to learn about us and figure out how we can work with them in a way that works best with our curriculum and goals. Family Fun Nights are their standard offering - food, games, contests, scheduled activities. They also do classroom pizza parties - class with highest attendance at Family Fun Night wins a classroom pizza party. They provide marketing materials- flyers, posters, stickers, banner. PTO runs host table to track kids coming in. 15% if under $2500 revenue, 20% above $2500. Lead time is flexible. Tuesdays or Thursdays are ideal. Themed nights- February is “love our school”, March is Cat in the Hat, “Rock the Test” around April tasting, yearbook parties. Also available: incentive awards (meet with teachers, offer incentives, discounted pizza). Faculty Feast is $4.99/person- 2 pieces of pizza, breadstick, salad, cinnamon crunch. STEM based field trip - $8.99/student- gets 3 STEM activities including making a pizza. Program was developed by UofA. “Behind the Slice” tours can be used as rewards ($4.99/person). They have fun interactive stuff for a booth- wheel, pizza sales, etc. They can also be a resource for families/teachers experiencing extreme hardship (cancer, fire, etc.).

Community partners: how can we push usage?

  • Monthly post about each partner

  • Presentation at Kinder Bootcamp

  • Flyers

  • Do we want to do Harkins? We don’t think we have time- we need to put it on the calendar for earlier in the holiday season

  • Push POGO as a Christmas options - gift of experience!

  • Fat Cats and Peter Piper both want to do spirit nights with us- we need to get them scheduled

Box Tops: We are way behind!

  • Push competition + prizes, incentivize teachers, per grade level

  • Megan Lindley will help Samantha get things rolling

  • Add social post to rotation of reminders

  • Make a video?

Carnival Debrief:

  • Tentative Final Numbers: $10,080.79 spent, $13,940.90 income. A few things still coming in and going out but we made approximately $4,000

  • Thank you gift for teachers - wrap candy bars with prizes inside

  • Gift cards for cleaning ladies- they helped so much with clean up!

  • Teenager volunteers need a “code of conduct” talking to

Holiday Event:

  • Canceled for 2018

  • Let’s discuss in March so we’re prepared ahead of time

Camp Out:

  • Kayla will call to inquire about campground cost at Lost Dutchman

  • Alternatively, we can do it at the school - probably skip the overnight element. Invite rangers, do smores, story time

  • Talk to Della- schedule a camp out meeting to discuss

Movie Night:

  • We are short on time, will discuss later.

Restaurant Night:

  • Dec 4 - Taco Tuesday at Chipotle - we need to push this one because we get 33% back

  • Want to reach out to Barro’s again

  • Add restaurant nights to a PTO survey

PTO Survey:

  • First half - carnival, preferred communication, restaurant nights

Valentine’s Day Candy-grams

  • Pair with student council, parents can send grams, kids can send them to each other

Kayla Moncur