Carnival Meeting Minutes 11/5/2018

In attendance:  Kelli, Brooke, Kayla, Michelle, Samantha, Lyndsay, Megan, Suzette, Jennifer, and Jared

** A 6th grader volunteered to tie balloons for the first hour of carnival.  We will make a space for her to do so.

** This week on Thursday and Friday at parent pick-up the PTO will sell wristbands and drawing tickets.  Thursday will be Megan and possibly Suzette, will send email asking for more help.  Kayla will help it get set up.  On Friday so far will have Kayla and Jennifer.

** Everyone went outside and walked around to discuss layout.  Lyndsay will make a map to send out.

** At parent pick-up next week on 11/13, 11/14, and 11/15 the PTO will be out selling opportunity drawing tickets.  Jared can help Wednesday afternoon, Suzette is available to help morning and afternoon on all three days, others are checking schedules.  

** Brooke will send an email to teachers to see if they can help sell opportunity tickets at parent pick-up as well.

** Kayla will send an email out to all teachers with all carnival details so they are prepared.  

** Kayla will post things on social media, and send multiple emails between now and carnival, to parents.

** Tiffany will send out another flyer about carnival and bringing in donations next week.  Discussed including more prizes on the flyer to get people excited.

** Brooke will have Mr. Oliver do an all-call.

** Kayla will email Marianne Washburn for SRP contact info on garbage cans, then get that info to Jeff.

** More volunteers needed from 4:00 pm on.  Jennifer will email members-at-large to enlist help.  Kayla will contact junior high schools and Mesa Academy for volunteers, as well as student teachers (the few we have this semester).

** Jared has a lead on getting more light towers.

** Kayla and Lyndsay will discuss money for decor.

** Brooke will order the velcro game.

** Tiffany needs to let Lyndsay know how many vendors we will have at carnival and what vendors, so she can put on the map.

** Kayla will measure the 4-square and let Lyndsay know.

** Everyone needs to bring in all donations gathered for the raffle/opportunity drawings and give to Jennifer at next meeting.

** As always, more help needed for donations, etc.!

NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday, November 13 at 1:00 pm.

Kayla Moncur