Carnival Meeting Minutes 10/29/2018

In attendance:  

Brooke Cook

Jennifer Higbee

Meridith Tietz

Amber Smith

Lyndsay Zappone

Megan Lindley

Michelle Skaarup

Tiffany Reeves

Samantha Milhoan

** Brooke requested again any and all help in the collection of donations, items, etc.

          - Lyndsay and Amber will make posters asking for help on this

          - Michelle mentioned that we should ask Edible Arrangements, as they have kids that attend here

          - Tiffany made three tabs on the google docs sheet showing donations from businesses etc.

** Small food vendors

          - Discussed cotton candy booth

          - Discussed buying and selling caramel apples -- Lyndsay will email candy apples company to see if they could come out, or we could get from Costco and sell

** Vendor Booths

          - Tiffany has 9 vendors already, more interested

          - We will make room for as many as we can

** Silent Auction vs. Opportunity Drawing

          - We want to get back a lot of money for all of the great donations from businesses already received; however, it is too late to do the silent auction (and some of those prizes were already advertised as available through opportunity drawings).  We want to therefore do a BIG push on people getting opportunity drawing tickets.

          - After PTO pre-sale push at parent pickup on 11/8 and 11/9, the week of carnival we will have a PTO push on selling opportunity drawing tickets at parent pickup

** Map layout for carnival

          - At our next meeting on 11/5, we will meet at the conference room at 1:00, then head out to the back to get everyone on the same page as to where everything will be set up and laid out

          - PTO will have two booths set up, one at the entrance to sell tickets, and one in a different location, both selling water bottles

          - When we make maps to hand out at carnival, we want to include a key on it saying at what times the teacher sightings will occur and where

** Teacher Involvement

          - Julie Reichert has emailed teachers asking them to claim booths to run.  She will also email them to see who wants to be a part of minute-to-win-it games, line dancing, etc.

** Setup items needed

          - Michelle has extension cords she will bring if we need them

          - Michelle's husband has a new drill he will be donating to the school

          - More lights needed - Brooke will ask teachers to inquire on newsfeeds any parents with lights to let us use -- Lyndsay will look online at buying options

          - ADDENDUM - after meeting, Lyndsay let us know Mountain Bridge would allow us to use one of their lighting stands for free

** Volunteers

          - We want to have as many games as possible, volunteers are key

          - Brooke will check with Kayla on how volunteer signups are going

Kayla Moncur