Meeting Minutes 9/30/2019

In attendance: Kayla Moncur, Jennifer Higbee, Megan Lindley, Amber Jewell, Audrey Coons, Clarice Patino, Jill Benza, Carol Pace, Ashley Stowers, Gail Heden, Angela Dill, Sharon Malone, Brooke Cook, Frankie Jo Ceja, Jill Trimmer

** Kayla called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm

** Minutes read by Jennifer and minutes approved

** Kayla reviewed some of what was learned at a recent School Support Organization training meeting. One new thing happening is we will dual sign checks. This might make for a slightly longer delay in receiving them but will be done to double check all is done correctly. We will also be doing board reviews of all bank statements. In addition, whenever PTO buys something we need to fill out a form saying we are then donating it to the school.

** Treasurer Balance = $ 18,777.75. Part of this is Student Council's money that we are holding for them.

** We received a $500 donation from Central Christian Church.

** We made $105 from Papa John's for those who did restaurant night without going to Splashback.

** We have had a fantastic year with selling school spirit shirts. We have so far made $ 421.93 above the cost to make them. We still have a lot of inventory left, so Kayla will put those on the website.

** Review of Splashback. This was our first year having it on a Thursday night, but it went well and we had a good turnout. We did make all our money back on Splashback.

** Red Robin Restaurant Night brought in $ 242.58. Next restaurant night is 10/15/19.

** Daddy/Daughter Dance -

- Flyer will announce it is for daughters and any father figures

- It will be from 5:30 - 7:30 pm on 10/24/19

- Sugar & Spice theme

- They will have desserts and finger foods, photo booth, DJ

- It will be $5 pre-sale and $10 at the door, with each additional child at $2

- Clarice will send flyer info to Megan, who will make copies and distribute

- Kayla will send out a reminder about this right after October break, as well as the weekend before about pre-ordering

** Breakfast with Santa -

- It will be December 7 at 8:00 am

- There will be a Secret Santa shop - kids can bring money the day of, or parents can fill out an envelope ahead of time and pay via card so it's all done

- Prices and items can be put online ahead of time as well if any parents wish to buy something for their child.

- There will be breakfast, crafts, letters to write to Santa, meeting Santa, vendors

- Santa is booked

- We will be going through the district for food, as it is a lot cheaper.

- ABR is donating all acrylic paints and giving us ceramic ornaments at cost. They are also donating all plates and napkins.

- We will need lots of hands to help set up, Friday night and Saturday morning.

- Will be asking NHS to help with volunteers

- Kerianne Zimmerman will be handling vendors

** Tabled items revisited -

- Glockenspiels - Stacy Barraclough, traveling music teacher, requested having a set to keep here at Zaharis. She isn't in a big hurry, so it was decided to wait and see how the spring fundraiser goes and revisit the request at that time.

- Reading Intervention Materials - A new program is in place to really help kids in K-3 with reading. Teachers need specific materials to utilize this program to the fullest. This request was tabled as we looked into teacher allotments and found out more information. Teachers would not be able to spare their allotments as those were already set aside for other things. We discussed whether to buy sets of materials for all teachers or just some to start. It was determined that there is a great need here and it is critical we do what we can to help our kids learn to read. The motion was made, seconded, and passed to fund the request for all teachers in K-3. Kayla will get in touch with Diann Christensen to get this order set and moving.

** Kayla visited the Student Council to get ideas about prizes and things they would like to have happen for bringing in Box Tops. They gave quite a few ideas, from Mr. Oliver eating a cricket to extra recess time. Kayla will visit with Nancy about these ideas and pick some to continue urging students to get Box Tops. Angela volunteered to find out more information on items we can feed the kids as a prize in case that one was picked.

** Next meeting - Monday, October 21 at 6:00 pm in the library

Kayla Moncur
Meeting Minutes 9/9/2019

In Attendance: Kayla Moncur, Tiffany Reeves, Michelle Skaarup, Jennifer Higbee, Brooke Cook, Audrey Coons, Jordann Pace, Ryanne Pinney, Clarice Patino, Lisa Painter, Frankie Jo Ceja, Angela Dill, Mary Carol Pace, Chris Dill, Gloria Kulesha, Della Kemp, Ms. Jewell, Ms. Fearnley

Action Item Recap - Jennifer Higbee

Conducting: Kayla Moncur

** Explanation of teacher funding.

- Mimeo Board request - voted and approved by board, as request sent during the summer. Price for this came in at about $300 less than originally thought, total of $ 899.00. This Mimeo board will benefit all ages attending Zaharis and will allow the teacher the opportunity to include music programs that cater to all varieties of learners.

- Discussed funding request from Stacy Barraclough, music teacher, for glockenspiels, as well as a request from Diann Christensen for special magnetic letters and trays for all classes K-3 and SID. Both of these votes were tabled for later discussion, as more questions need to be answered.

** Discussion regarding creating/increasing funding allotments for different departments. With pre-K now added to the school, the nurses office allotment is not sufficient to cover additional costs. The pre-K itself does not have an allotment as it is new to the school. A school counselor has been hired to help students but she has no allotment and extremely limited materials to adequately do her work. This new counselor is here in the capacity to help kids with anxiety and any struggles.

- Motion made, seconded, and passed to give the nurses office a $200 allotment

- Motion made, seconded, and passed to give the pre-K department a $200 allotment

- Motion made, seconded, and passed to give the new school counselor a $200 allotment

** Splashback is coming up this Thursday night. Papa John's will be there, and snowcones will be sold as well. Spread the word to come!

** Restaurant Nights are in full swing. We did really well at our first restaurant night at Jersey Mike's and brought in $ 321.30. The date for our next Restaurant Night at Red Robin's has been moved to Thursday, September 25.

[[Addendum - Papa John's is offering a restaurant night with money back to Zaharis on the same night as Splashback. Anyone that can't attend the pool party can still order pizza and help give back to the school!]]

** PTO will meet with the Student Council to get ideas and input from the kids regarding activities and functions this school year.

** Whittier is our sister school, and has a great need for many of the things Zaharis is blessed to have. This spring we will hold a book fair to help collect books and donate these to Whittier. The PTO board will be meeting with Whittier for a tour and to see about things needed.

** The PTO has many great activities planned for the year, but needs help on committees. Anyone willing to lend a hand is encouraged to sign up!

** Broke into committees for a few minutes to discuss some of the soonest up and coming activities - carnival, daddy-daughter dance, and breakfast with Santa.

Next meeting will be September 30, 2019 at 6:00 pm.

Kayla Moncur
Carnival Meeting Minutes 9/9/19

In Attendance: Kayla Moncur, Tiffany Reeves, Jennifer Higbee, Brooke Cook, Clarice Patino, Michelle Coffey

Brooke reviewed vision of carnival and overview of plans.

Michelle will cover asking businesses at Brown and Ellsworth for donations to carnival. Brooke will talk to Harmony about getting a picture of signage that we can include with the donation letter.

Tiffany will email a copy of the donation letter request with updated info.

Amber Smith will coordinate decor, but will need extra help.

Brooke will talk with Rebecca Squires about making posters. Another possibility for this is Megan Francom.

Kayla will take care of posting things to Facebook and social media. Amber Smith will cover Instagram.

Jim Cook will be in charge of ZBC announcements and the school poster contest for carnival advertising.

Kayla will ask Jennifer Jakemer about coordinating volunteers the night of carnival.

Brooke will reach out to ROTC groups first, possibly followed by NHS/NJHS groups, to enlist teenage helpers for carnival.

Kayla talked to Sylvain about adding lighting for a longer train ride. Brooke will follow up with him. He doesn't have any of the larger lights though, and Brooke will talk with Lyndsay Zappone about borrowing the Mountain Bridge light to use.

Kayla will confirm with Cup of Joey that they are booked for carnival.

We will need new prizes for the games this year as supplies are low.

Discussed prices for carnival, and it was decided to keep prices the same as last year, for both wristbands and raffle tickets.

Clarice Patino, Janette Weidman, and Lindsey Johnson will all be over the Dessert Walk.

[[Addendum: Caity Lambert volunteered to help Amber with decorations. Audrey Coons will head up the opportunity prize drawings. Jeff Jakemer will head up security and clean up, with Machelle Jones' help.]]

Next meeting: September 23 at 2:15

Kayla Moncur
Meeting Minutes 8/19/2019

** Meeting called to order by Kayla.

**Overview of PTO given. Our two main purposes are planning school community events and fundraising for the school.

** Reviewed ways PTO can bring in money from the community - Amazon Smile, Fry's card, Box Tops, restaurant nights, etc.

** Discussed the role of members-at-large vs. volunteers. A Member-At-Large has voting rights and is generally more involved with PTO, attending meetings where possible, helping with events, etc. Those interested in becoming Members-At-Large were asked to notate so on the attendance sheet.

** Discussed PTO meeting times. Last year we met twice a month, with one meeting right after school and one meeting in the evening. As we did not increase attendance by offering an evening meeting the board was set to meet right after school for all meetings this year. However, there was interest in continuing the evening meetings. The schedule will be adjusted so we can try it out.

** Discussed Band, the app that the PTO uses for communication. Anyone who becomes a member-at-large wishing to join can let Kayla know to be added.

**Discussed upcoming events of the year. The PTO board takes on a lot, but is looking to members-at-large to head up and coordinate planning committees for the year. The PTO board is still available to help where needed and will support all committees. Kayla gave an overview of upcoming events and those needing coordinators and volunteers.

** Discussed Box Tops - we really want everyone to get the app! A question was asked about Wal-Mart grocery pickup where no receipt given (so cannot scan in app). Megan will do some research to find out what is needed. [Follow-up - Megan found that something digital can be sent in the place of an actual scanned receipt, but it may take 10+ days to qualify. Additionally, it doesn't seem to be working too well and some credit not given, so it is best to get a printed receipt for credit.]

** Discussed incentives to do for the school at different levels we reach in collecting money from Box Tops. We will ask Student Council to come up with ideas for incentive days. Tiffany will talk with Robert and Mindy.

** Splashback will be on Sept. 12. Flyers should be sent home this week. Papa Johns will be there selling pizzas (can preorder). Brooke Cook will reach out to the Wood's family to see if they would be willing to sell shave ice.

** Discussed upcoming Restaurant Nights. Everyone come out and support!

** Discussed teacher allotments and how they work, as well as other things the PTO funds for the school. The PTO board will share via bulletin board and social media, along with meeting notes on, where and how the money that is raised via fundraising goes back into supporting our fabulous school!

** Reminder for all to check for meeting notes to stay on top of what is going on. The PTO will also send out highlights of meeting discussions in various locations. Amber Smith is taking on Instagram this year to make that more of a presence as well.

** Picture Day is coming up on 8/27. Volunteers needed to help, and will get 50% off their picture order.

** Discussed budget increase override and getting the word out. It will be a mail-in vote only this year. There will be a short presentation on this before our next meeting on 9/9, right after school. All are encouraged to attend.

** Celebrity sighting! Mr. Oliver stopped in to say hi and to update all on the evolution of inquiry-based learning, as we have here at our wonderful school.

NEXT MEETING: September 9, 2019 at 2:15 pm.

Kayla Moncur
Meeting Minutes 5/6/2019

In attendance: Kayla Moncur, Tiffany Reeves, Michelle Skaarup, Lyndsay Zappone, Gail Heden, Brooke Cook

**Reviewed minutes from previous meeting, gave relevant updates

**Teacher Appreciation

  • Farmer’s Market

    • Donations should be dropped off by noon Tuesday

    • Reviewed items, what is still needed (not much!!)

    • Volunteers arriving around noon to prep food for Wednesday

  • Coffee Truck

    • Much more streamlined this year- taking orders ahead of a time was the way to go

    • Total cost was $307.06

    • Kayla will book truck for Carnival now that we have a date

  • Gifts are ready to go, Tiff went above and beyond! We will deliver on Wednesday

**2018/2019 Budget Review

  • Board met today to review the budget. We came in under budget this year. We made revisions for next year- budget is slightly lower but more streamlined.

    • Looking into creating a supply closet with extra teacher allotment money. Kayla will email teachers and ask what they would want.

**Water Fountain/Bottle Fillers Update

  • It’s out of our hands and into Nancy/District’s. She has a call in asking about installation costs. When we have a total we will write her a check so she can put in a work order when it opens up again in July. Hoping to have them put in over the summer or during the first month or so of school but que sera sera.

  • Ms Kitchell’s class researched current fountain locations and gave recommendations for the bottle filler fountains. We are on board with their suggestions.

**TruFlask Bid

  • Review TruFlask bid- min 24 bottle order, $13.50-$14 per bottle. Recommended sale price is $28- we aren’t comfortable asking that much and would do more like $20.

  • Brooke is researching other water bottle options to make sure that price is competitive.

  • Tiff is looking into stickers we can sell for water bottle personalization

**Funding Request

  • Diane Taylor requested small gift cards for a group of 6th grade “playground helpers” who have gone above and beyond this year. We approved $5/kid. Kayla will follow up with Diane to get gift cards taken care of.

**Spring Scheduling

  • Fundraiser - 2/18-2/28

  • Picnic (NEW) - 2/21

  • Movie Night - 4/3

  • Daddy Daughter event (NEW) - 10/24

  • Mommy event (NEW) - 4/23

  • Teacher Appreciation - May 4-8

**Vote to fill new board position

  • Unanimous vote for Megan Lindley to join the board as Communications Secretary in 2019/2020

**New School Year Prep

  • Change first meeting from 2:30 to 6:30pm (still Aug 19)

  • Tiff will handle folders

  • Kayla will do nametags

Kayla Moncur
Meeting Minutes 4/22/2019

In attendance:  Kayla Moncur, Tiffany Reeves, Jennifer Higbee, Janette Weidman, Megan Lindley, Brooke Cook

** Fund Run update - total collected (before prizes and other fees) = $ 24,220.25

          - PTO will pay for sound system, then Kayla and Mr. Smith will discuss split of remaining funds for PTO and student council

          - This Wednesday Kayla will figure out prizes and get them distributed

** We will be getting a bill for the Makerspace t-shirts soon.  A lot of t-shirts sold!

** Votes for the 2019/2020 spirit shirt were counted.  Shirt #1 was the winner.  We will have Mr. Carroll announce the winner on ZBC and show the winning design.  James Washburn offered to provide a quote again for this year.  Kayla will send the design to him.

** Teacher Appreciation Week

          - Kayla will ask Lyndsay what donations are needed

          - We need runners for coffee/drinks on Monday morning 5/6 - Brooke volunteered to help

          - We may set up a short meeting next week to discuss this...Kayla will let everyone know when if that happens.

** School in need of spotlight(s), and would love to have before Zaharis Idol.  The cost for one is $550.00.  Motion carried and was approved to use funding from student activities to cover the cost of one.

** Box Tops

          - This Thursday 4/25 is the final submission date for Box Tops wanting to be counted for the current submission cutoff.

          - At the beginning of next year we would like to figure out a time where we can quickly explain to parents how to do Box Tops, that way we can more fully utilize this.

          - We want to continue collecting dimes next year.

          - Kayla will set up a date of the Box Top popsicle party with Nancy

** Discussed having more structured voting, reviewing of minutes, etc. at meetings next year.  Megan gave us a list of procedures that can be followed to better structure and flow the meetings.

** Kayla will find out if there will be a new student orientation this next year...if so we will ask about having a quick moment to explain PTO and things we do, or if not, then at Kindergarten Boot Camp

** Jennifer will send an email to members-at-large asking for people to chair some of next year's events (with the support of the PTO of course!)

** Kayla will book the pool for Splashback -- looking at September 6 or 13

** Planning carnival for next year on November 15.  Shannon Skelton has contacts for some people who can help with carnival.  We will sit down with her soon to get info on those contacts.

** Discussed creating a new position on the PTO board of communications secretary.  This person will be in charge of handling flyers, updating the bulletin board, ZBC communications, helping Kayla with social media, and other assorted duties.  Anyone interested in the position will need to email Kayla at by May 3, as we will hold elections on May 6.

** Kayla will look into a landing page online where we can list all the school things going on that kids can be involved in at Zaharis, both community activities and school sponsored activities.  Tiffany will start putting together a list of what is offered.

** Tomorrow 4/23 at 1:45 pm, Ms. Kitchell's classroom will make a presentation on Zaharis water bottles.

** Next year our meeting schedule will be the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 2:30 pm.  Our first meeting of the new school year will be August 19.  Kayla will talk with Nancy about a room to consistently meet in.

NEXT MEETING:  Monday, May 6 at 2:30 pm

Kayla Moncur
Meeting Minutes 3/25/2019

In attendance:  Kayla Moncur, Tiffany Reeves, Michelle Skaarup, Jennifer Higbee, Megan Lindley, Lyndsay Zappone, Janette Weidman, Amber Smith, Brooke Cook, Krista Hall

** Michelle gave financial report

** Krista Hall requesting money for outside storage containers as there is less room out in the portable classrooms.  Discussed options and teachers using their teacher allotments toward purchase.  Krista will email teachers out in portables to see if others interested in the same.  Expenditures approved for said storage up to approximately $500.00.

** Movie night is April 5.  Doors will open at 6:00 pm, movie to begin at 6:30 pm.

          - Tiffany has ordered popcorn, this will be available for free

          - Kayla has ordered candy, this will be for sale for 25 cents

          - Amber will take care of decor 

          - Tiffany will get flyers out by 3/27, preorders will be due by 4/3

          - Will sell water bottles

          - Kayla will buy small containers for candy

          - Brooke will reach out to student teachers to arrive that night at 5:15 pm to run popcorn station

** Fund run will be on April 5.  Volunteers will be needed to help count money, especially the week of April 8-12.  Mr. Smith will put together spreadsheet for fund run money.

** Reviewed spirit shirt entries.  We will place voting ballot boxes in the hall for students to vote this year.  Winner will be announced at movie night on April 5.

** Harkins movie orders have been submitted, and tickets should arrive on April 5

** Discussed having a PTO supply closet where teachers can replenish supplies when they run out.  Brooke will talk to her husband about places to buy bulk school supplies.

** Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10

          - Kayla has already set up food truck for that Monday

          - Tiffany will ask Student Council to have their teacher appreciation acts on Wednesday and Thursday so PTO can cover Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.  This will allow us to have farmer's market on Tuesday with fresher ingredients.

          - Lyndsay will get paper bags for farmers market

          - Michelle will talk to Target about gift cards

** Briefly ran through schedule of events for next school year and possible changes to the schedule.  Decisions will be made at a later meeting.

Kayla Moncur
Meeting Minutes 2/25/2019

In attendance:  Kayla Moncur, Tiffany Reeves, Michelle Skaarup, Jennifer Higbee, Megan Lindley, Lyndsay Zappone, Brooke Cook, Meridith Tietz

** All IRS fines were totally dismissed and issue has been resolved!

** PTO will collect box tops weekly and do flat count for each room so superheroes can move.  Volunteers will just need to gather from workroom and prep for submission.  PTO will have this done by Thursday so that heroes can be moved every Friday.

** Kayla will work with Box Top coordinators to put together a list of "How-To" instructions for Box Tops.  Megan and Lyndsay volunteered to write up the instructions.

** Upcoming movie night will be April 5.  We will be watching Smallfoot.

** Josh Lee, student, volunteered to make and sell cotton candy and then donate proceeds to PTO.

** We will sell water bottles and candy at movie night.  Tiffany will talk to Papa Johns about being there to sell pizza.  Discussed giveaways - spirit shirts, cups, etc.  Lyndsay will put items together.

** Lyndsay presented Teacher Appreciation ideas

     - Thanks for helping our school "grow"

     - Our teachers are "stars"

     - Our teachers are "punderful"

     - There's no place like Zaharis

     - Our teachers are the best in the west

** Decision made to go with "Our Teachers Are 'Punderful'" - we will incorporate coffee truck, farmers market, etc.  Discussed getting supplies for the workroom for teacher appreciation.  Kayla will email coffee truck owner.  

** Gift ideas for teachers discussed:  staplers, gift cards, etc.

** Lyndsay will make a list of food items parents can donate for teacher's meal on appreciation week.

** Teachers workroom needs a new microwave.  Motion passed to purchase.

** Kayla will post on social re: Harkins tickets.  Parents can print form online or from kids.

** Discussed Six Flags Reading Program.  Decided to pass.

** Fundraiser - we will need a catalog of some sort and pep rally to get kids excited this coming year.  Discussed different options.

** Kayla will let teachers know that only the pink cans will be used for Box Tops.  Also, decided to offer incentive to teachers that they will get 10% of what their class brings in for Box Tops added to their teacher allotments.

** Oregano's Restaurant Night made $ 303.00.

** Smith/Przeor discussing combining fund run and turkey trot into one event next year.

** Discussed moving carnival next year to either spring or a Saturday vs. keeping at same time.  A lot of pros and cons to both.  Kayla will ask teachers their opinions. 

** Discussed having Father/Daughter dance and Mother/Son activity next year.

** Next meeting - Monday, March 25, 2019 at 2:30 pm

Kayla Moncur
Meeting Minutes 2/11/2019

n attendance:  Kayla Moncur, Tiffany Reeves, Michelle Skaarup, Jennifer Higbee

** Reviewed treasury report

** Discussed having next year's meetings at 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm

** Next year we will talk to Shannon Skelton about some of her carnival contacts and look to save some money in some areas

** Next we will share goals for fundraiser money to help generate interest

** Discussed the amount we need to keep at the end of each year to start us for the next year

** Discussed pros vs. cons of moving Carnival to the spring or keeping in the fall

** Discussed doing school shirts earlier.  Kayla will begin organizing things for the design contest.  Tiffany will ask Mindy about sweatshirts she ordered earlier.

** Money will be reallocated to fund a new K-1 theatrical production that meets 1st grade curriculum standards.  Kayla will have Julie and Chelsea submit receipts.

** Kayla will figure out ways to add fee to Square Space/credit card payments

** For Box Tops/dimes collection, only PTO board can handle money, so we will have dimes stay with teachers until PTO collects -- Kayla will discuss with Box Top coordinators

** Kayla will do social push about Box Tops

** Tiffany will schedule a sit down with Robert and Mindy so we can discuss fund run

** Oregano's restaurant night on 2/20 -- Tiffany is sending home flyers and putting up banners, Kayla will send email and social push 

** Tiffany will ask Mindy if student council will pay part of teacher appreciation week gifts

** Movie night coming up on April 5.  Kayla will touch base with Gioia to see if she is still coordinating this.  Tiffany will check inventory of popcorn supplies.  We will all be thinking of kids movies to show that night.

** Everyone be thinking of fundraiser ideas, we will plan to make a decision re: fundraiser at 3/25 PTO meeting

** No meeting on 3/11 for Spring Break

** School spirit shirts to get started:

          Shirt design submissions to be turned in by 3/22

          Choices narrowed to three top designs on 3/25

          School voting on shirt designs 3/28 and 3/29 - kids will get 1 ticket to cast vote

          Tally votes on 4/1

          Winner announced on 4/5 at movie night

Next meeting on February 25 at 2:30 pm

Kayla Moncur
Meeting Minutes 1/14/2019

In attendance:  Kayla Moncur, Tiffany Reeves, Michelle Skaarup, Jennifer Higbee, Megan Lindley, Lyndsay Zappone, Gail Heden

** Michelle gave the treasury report.  Carnival made $ 3792.00, and fundraiser made $5853.93 after prizes.

** We received and reviewed two proposals from students in GTP for capstone projects

.          - Motion passed for Catherine and Emily to paint a forest mural in the piano area

          - Motion passed for Brynn and Marley to redo the outside girls bathroom

** GTP is looking for more funding.  Mr. Carroll wants to have a STEAM club on Fridays where a cap of 20 students can pay $5 or $10 each to stay for 2 hours and do a STEAM project.  Discussed how to run the money for this and the possibility of PTO managing those funds.

** Tiffany will check with Mindy to see when the Fund Run will be held this year.

** Teacher Appreciation week this year will by May 6-10.  Lyndsay volunteered to start working on a theme and ideas.

** Discussed Valentine grams and selling them at lunch to kids, then handing out on Valentines Day.  Lyndsay will look into designing them.

** We are going to send out a spring flier for Kumon.  They sponsored a booth at carnival and have this flier for us to send out and promote.

** Reviewed restaurant nights.

            - Peter Piper is scheduled for March 6.

            - Tiffany had been planning to schedule Oregano's on 2/20; however, will look at rescheduling to April if we decided to offer pizza at school event on 2/22.  She will check on having Cafe Rio at that time instead.

            - Tiffany will also be stopping by Barros to meet with the manager.

** Zaharis Family Picnic - 2/22/19         

- Kemp's priced out food -- hot dog, bun, chips, water bottle, foil, and condiments would come to $0.90/person

          - Smores priced out to $0.50/person

          - Discussed pros and cons to cooking hot dogs ourselves vs. having Papa John's or other vendors selling food

          - Discussed combining this event with movie night.  Activity to begin at 5:00 pm, activities from 5:00-6:30 pm, dinner available beginning at 6:00 pm, movie to be shown on blow-up screen in the bus loop area starting at 6:30 pm.

          - Tiffany will talk with Lee family about Boyd singing campfire songs, and Josh selling cotton candy (per his offer to do so at carnival) 

        - Tiffany will call Desert Adventures 

        - We would like to have a Boy Scout troop or first responder teach some wilderness survival/first aid (ex. snake bites, removing cactus spines, etc.).  Michelle will talk with Mr. Cook, who is a Boy Scout troop leader.

          - Tiffany will ask the 4th grade team if they would be willing to run the park hike and take out groups every 10-15 minutes

          - Discussed having a popcorn and hot chocolate stand

          - Would like to have ranger come talk about animals, etc.

          - Kayla is asking Jen Kunz about doing something on astronomy

          - Discussed having cornhole and other games to play

          - Lyndsay will be over a craft, possibly friendship bracelets

          - Kayla is talking with 5th grade about having archery there

          - Would ask families to bring their own chairs and blankets

          - Posters to advertise and preorder forms need to be made and started soon, everyone needs to get moving on checking things out so a decision can be made on this.

NEXT MEETING:  Monday, January 28, 2019 at 2:30 pm.

Kayla Moncur
Community Meeting Minutes 11/26/2018

In attendance: Kayla Moncur, Tiffany Reeves, Gail Heden, Megan Lindley, Michelle Skaarup, Lindsey Wentzel (Peter Piper rep)

Peter Piper presentation: Lindsey came to learn about us and figure out how we can work with them in a way that works best with our curriculum and goals. Family Fun Nights are their standard offering - food, games, contests, scheduled activities. They also do classroom pizza parties - class with highest attendance at Family Fun Night wins a classroom pizza party. They provide marketing materials- flyers, posters, stickers, banner. PTO runs host table to track kids coming in. 15% if under $2500 revenue, 20% above $2500. Lead time is flexible. Tuesdays or Thursdays are ideal. Themed nights- February is “love our school”, March is Cat in the Hat, “Rock the Test” around April tasting, yearbook parties. Also available: incentive awards (meet with teachers, offer incentives, discounted pizza). Faculty Feast is $4.99/person- 2 pieces of pizza, breadstick, salad, cinnamon crunch. STEM based field trip - $8.99/student- gets 3 STEM activities including making a pizza. Program was developed by UofA. “Behind the Slice” tours can be used as rewards ($4.99/person). They have fun interactive stuff for a booth- wheel, pizza sales, etc. They can also be a resource for families/teachers experiencing extreme hardship (cancer, fire, etc.).

Community partners: how can we push usage?

  • Monthly post about each partner

  • Presentation at Kinder Bootcamp

  • Flyers

  • Do we want to do Harkins? We don’t think we have time- we need to put it on the calendar for earlier in the holiday season

  • Push POGO as a Christmas options - gift of experience!

  • Fat Cats and Peter Piper both want to do spirit nights with us- we need to get them scheduled

Box Tops: We are way behind!

  • Push competition + prizes, incentivize teachers, per grade level

  • Megan Lindley will help Samantha get things rolling

  • Add social post to rotation of reminders

  • Make a video?

Carnival Debrief:

  • Tentative Final Numbers: $10,080.79 spent, $13,940.90 income. A few things still coming in and going out but we made approximately $4,000

  • Thank you gift for teachers - wrap candy bars with prizes inside

  • Gift cards for cleaning ladies- they helped so much with clean up!

  • Teenager volunteers need a “code of conduct” talking to

Holiday Event:

  • Canceled for 2018

  • Let’s discuss in March so we’re prepared ahead of time

Camp Out:

  • Kayla will call to inquire about campground cost at Lost Dutchman

  • Alternatively, we can do it at the school - probably skip the overnight element. Invite rangers, do smores, story time

  • Talk to Della- schedule a camp out meeting to discuss

Movie Night:

  • We are short on time, will discuss later.

Restaurant Night:

  • Dec 4 - Taco Tuesday at Chipotle - we need to push this one because we get 33% back

  • Want to reach out to Barro’s again

  • Add restaurant nights to a PTO survey

PTO Survey:

  • First half - carnival, preferred communication, restaurant nights

Valentine’s Day Candy-grams

  • Pair with student council, parents can send grams, kids can send them to each other

Kayla Moncur
Carnival Meeting Minutes 11/13/2018

** In attendance:  Brooke, Kayla, Tiffany, Jennifer, Megan, Lyndsay

** Decoration committee needs money for some more items.  Lyndsay is happy to front the money and have PTO reimburse.  Getting $150 would be ideal, but will survive on less if needed.  Kayla will talk to Michelle about our budget and get back with Lyndsay.

** Lyndsay made and brought a map of carnival layout that we can use and hand out.  We want to make a big copy to post for all to see, as well as individual copies for those who want one.

** Revolution Dance will not be at carnival this year.  Teacher Dance Party will replace Revolution Dance at 6:00 pm.

** Julie Reichert will run the minute-to-win-it games, as well as round up teachers for the dance party.

** Discussed signs needed for sales, PTO spirit table, opportunity drawings, and other locations around the field.

** Lyndsay has an easel to bring for use with Ball Bullseye.

** We will no longer be offering the Duck Pond game.  Instead it will the Lucky Key game.  The grade level that was going to run Duck Pond will run this instead.

** Lyndsay will use caution tape from the closet for roped-off areas.

** We did get temporary tattoos for carnival.  Worked on cutting them up and having them ready to go.

** Brooke will check with Lindsey Johnson to make sure cake walk is covered all evening.

** Kayla had 6 students sign up for the 4-6 pm time slot, and another 6 students sign up for the 6-8 time slot.

** Student council will be assisting volunteers throughout the evening as well.

** Jeff got trash cans arranged for the evening of carnival.

** Brooke will send an itemized list of carnival items to Tiffany, who will type it up and send it out.

** Brooke will let teachers know they need to move their cars at the end of school.

** Brooke will follow up with Jared Fougner about extra lighting

** Tiffany will remind vendors they can set up between 2:45-4:30, but all vehicles must be moved to parking area by 4:30 pm.  

** Michelle will remind food vendors they can get on property up until 4:30, after which time the gate will be closed.

** Discussed ways to store signs through the years.

** Brooke will send home flyers re:donations.

** Marlena Davis wants to have a booth at carnival to give out info on her new game.  

** Kayla will send out more reminders about carnival via email and social media.

** Brooke is sending announcements re:carnival to ZBC

** Discussed where to put light towers.

** Mrs. Stowers has a generator we can use.

Kayla Moncur
Carnival Meeting Minutes 11/5/2018

In attendance:  Kelli, Brooke, Kayla, Michelle, Samantha, Lyndsay, Megan, Suzette, Jennifer, and Jared

** A 6th grader volunteered to tie balloons for the first hour of carnival.  We will make a space for her to do so.

** This week on Thursday and Friday at parent pick-up the PTO will sell wristbands and drawing tickets.  Thursday will be Megan and possibly Suzette, will send email asking for more help.  Kayla will help it get set up.  On Friday so far will have Kayla and Jennifer.

** Everyone went outside and walked around to discuss layout.  Lyndsay will make a map to send out.

** At parent pick-up next week on 11/13, 11/14, and 11/15 the PTO will be out selling opportunity drawing tickets.  Jared can help Wednesday afternoon, Suzette is available to help morning and afternoon on all three days, others are checking schedules.  

** Brooke will send an email to teachers to see if they can help sell opportunity tickets at parent pick-up as well.

** Kayla will send an email out to all teachers with all carnival details so they are prepared.  

** Kayla will post things on social media, and send multiple emails between now and carnival, to parents.

** Tiffany will send out another flyer about carnival and bringing in donations next week.  Discussed including more prizes on the flyer to get people excited.

** Brooke will have Mr. Oliver do an all-call.

** Kayla will email Marianne Washburn for SRP contact info on garbage cans, then get that info to Jeff.

** More volunteers needed from 4:00 pm on.  Jennifer will email members-at-large to enlist help.  Kayla will contact junior high schools and Mesa Academy for volunteers, as well as student teachers (the few we have this semester).

** Jared has a lead on getting more light towers.

** Kayla and Lyndsay will discuss money for decor.

** Brooke will order the velcro game.

** Tiffany needs to let Lyndsay know how many vendors we will have at carnival and what vendors, so she can put on the map.

** Kayla will measure the 4-square and let Lyndsay know.

** Everyone needs to bring in all donations gathered for the raffle/opportunity drawings and give to Jennifer at next meeting.

** As always, more help needed for donations, etc.!

NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday, November 13 at 1:00 pm.

Kayla Moncur
Carnival Meeting Minutes 10/29/2018

In attendance:  

Brooke Cook

Jennifer Higbee

Meridith Tietz

Amber Smith

Lyndsay Zappone

Megan Lindley

Michelle Skaarup

Tiffany Reeves

Samantha Milhoan

** Brooke requested again any and all help in the collection of donations, items, etc.

          - Lyndsay and Amber will make posters asking for help on this

          - Michelle mentioned that we should ask Edible Arrangements, as they have kids that attend here

          - Tiffany made three tabs on the google docs sheet showing donations from businesses etc.

** Small food vendors

          - Discussed cotton candy booth

          - Discussed buying and selling caramel apples -- Lyndsay will email candy apples company to see if they could come out, or we could get from Costco and sell

** Vendor Booths

          - Tiffany has 9 vendors already, more interested

          - We will make room for as many as we can

** Silent Auction vs. Opportunity Drawing

          - We want to get back a lot of money for all of the great donations from businesses already received; however, it is too late to do the silent auction (and some of those prizes were already advertised as available through opportunity drawings).  We want to therefore do a BIG push on people getting opportunity drawing tickets.

          - After PTO pre-sale push at parent pickup on 11/8 and 11/9, the week of carnival we will have a PTO push on selling opportunity drawing tickets at parent pickup

** Map layout for carnival

          - At our next meeting on 11/5, we will meet at the conference room at 1:00, then head out to the back to get everyone on the same page as to where everything will be set up and laid out

          - PTO will have two booths set up, one at the entrance to sell tickets, and one in a different location, both selling water bottles

          - When we make maps to hand out at carnival, we want to include a key on it saying at what times the teacher sightings will occur and where

** Teacher Involvement

          - Julie Reichert has emailed teachers asking them to claim booths to run.  She will also email them to see who wants to be a part of minute-to-win-it games, line dancing, etc.

** Setup items needed

          - Michelle has extension cords she will bring if we need them

          - Michelle's husband has a new drill he will be donating to the school

          - More lights needed - Brooke will ask teachers to inquire on newsfeeds any parents with lights to let us use -- Lyndsay will look online at buying options

          - ADDENDUM - after meeting, Lyndsay let us know Mountain Bridge would allow us to use one of their lighting stands for free

** Volunteers

          - We want to have as many games as possible, volunteers are key

          - Brooke will check with Kayla on how volunteer signups are going

Kayla Moncur
Carnival Meeting Minutes 10/15/2018

** Lindsey Johnson will chair the Dessert Walk instead of Janette Weidman, who will be attending a wedding that evening

** Upcoming meetings:  10/22, 10/29, 11/5, and 11/13, all at 1:00 pm

** Poster contest starting Wednesday, discussed what should be included in the flyer

** Once number of volunteers determined, we will ask high school volunteers to work in 2-hour blocks:  3-5 pm, 5-7 pm, 7-9 pm, and 9-11 pm 

** We will have tickets only for drawings to lessen confusion.  We need to have emails and posters listing some of the amazing things you can win.

** Discussed having posters out at parent pick-up advertising carnival

** We will have a PTO booth out at parent pick-up on 11/8 and 11/9 for pre-sales.  Pre-sales through teachers will be accepted through 11/7.

** Pricing for wristbands was decided as ages 5 and up = $ 12 pre-sale and $15 at the door; ages 3-4 = $ 5 pre-sale and $7 at the door; and ages 2 and under are free.

** Nylene Wood will be doing the cotton candy

** Vendors of small food items give 20% of sales to Zaharis

Kayla Moncur
Carnival Meeting Minutes 10/22/2018

** Things to be collected

          - We really need people to solicit donations from local businesses

          - Donations, baked desserts, and soda bottles can be brought in the week before carnival

** Advertising

          - Rebecca Squires will make posters to put out at parent pick-up

          - Lindsay is making a list of other posters needed -- will print out items for posters, then make and laminate -- will need to get approval from Nancy so teacher supply not depleted

** Lighting

          - Amber and Lindsay have been checking on lights from last year -- about halfway through and seem good so far.  

          - We want to get more lighting this year.  Discussed options and placement.

          - Discussed moving estimation jars and/or MacDonald Orthodontics to back of vendor area to help with lighting and to draw more people in to vendor booths

          - Tiffany needs to tell vendors they do NOT need canopies

          - We will putting together a map so people know where to find things easier as well

** Decorations

          - Discussed some of the items still good, or not good, from last year

          - Amber and Lindsay need to come up with a list of things needed by the meeting on October 29

          - Amber and Lindsay will re-do directional sign

          - Discussed bringing in hay bales.  Amber will coordinate getting the hay, she has a friend in Lehi who can get some, and Megan Lindley has a way to procure some as well.  Both Megan and her husband will assist Amber in picking up and bringing the hay to carnival.  Meridith recommended it be a variety of hay that the school tortoises can eat, and it was agreed upon to do so.

** VIP Parking

          - Will work the same way as in the past

          - Parents can purchase tickets to be included in a drawing with pre-sales.  The VIP pass will be given out in time for them to have special access day of carnival.

** Volunteers

          - Anyone volunteering for a 2-hr block will receive a free wristband

          - Those working a later shift but needing the wristband earlier will still need to arrive and check in with Kayla to receive it.

          - Kayla will talk to Jeff about clean-up and where he is at on that.

          - Brooke will talk to Julie Reichert about teacher staffing games, as well as the count of student teachers available to staff games, and have this information received and ready by meeting on October 29.

** Games 

          - Games we will be offering this year:  Estimation Jars, Dessert Walk, Fishing Game, Plinko, Hole in One, Lucky Key, Lollipop Tree, Two Liter Toss, Duck Pond, Dino Dig, Velcro Game, Pipe Ball Toss, Gumball Bean Bag Toss, and Tattoos

          - Kelli let us know that in years past that some years did not offer enough volunteers to staff as many games.  It was decided to move forward with the current number of games and to encourage and spread the word about needed volunteers.  If we find ourselves lacking, some games may be cut at a future meeting.

          - Lindsay found a blank cornhole game.  Michelle will talk to her husband about painting it.

          - Michelle will check on drills needed for games.

Kayla Moncur
Meeting Minutes 10/22/2018

** Treasury Report

          - Made $800 so far from school spirit shirt sales (about half from selling the vintage shirts)

          - Made $ 189 from Panda Express restaurant night

          - Made about $469 from Frys' for the quarter

          - Made about $250 from Splashback

** Review

          - School pictures -- volunteers came (almost more than needed), everything ran very smoothly and efficiently

          - Parent/Teacher conference dinner -- came together right at the end.  Some miscommunication at first, but it ended up going very well.

          - Restaurant Night -- Earned less from Panda than we did last year, need to keep getting word out about these.  Stickers on students is a good way to remind parents to go.  Tiffany will look into getting those.

          - AZEd 101 Presentation - not very well attended.  Kayla did stream it online.

** Fundraiser

          - Mr. Oliver will do an all-call sent out tonight

          - Decided to extend it until November 4

          - Amber is making some posters.  Kayla will add prizes to some of the posters.

          - We feel it has been slow going as the kids were not as involved.  We want to get them excited and working on it too.

          - Teachers will be putting word out on their newsfeeds this week and next.

          - Kayla will put something fun together for ZBC and email it in

** Carnival

          - Reviewed where we are at and emphasized the need for help gathering donations

          - That night we will have volunteers wearing glow in the dark headbands

** Holiday Event

          - Kelli gave an overview of the various ways this was done in past years.

          - It was decided to have a holiday shop run similarly to the book fair.  PTO will man the shop, and teachers can bring students in during the week to look around.  Students will have the opportunity to purchase gifts for family members during this time, as well as before and after school.

          - We would really need to advertise it so kids remembered to bring in money

          - Looking to have this the week of December 10-14

          - Kayla will look into companies and what they sell.  We want to have a nice variety of options and prices so as not to exclude anyone, but don't want to just sell junk either.

** Box Tops 

          - Volunteers working through what has come in

          - Many Box Tops are expiring soon, need to get them turned in by this Friday

          - Kayla will add a social post about Box Tops

** Celebration of Life

          - There will be a Celebration of Life this Saturday 10/27 to honor the passing of a girl attending Zaharis.

          - PTO will provide balloons and helium - Kayla will check on the helium and will buy the needed pink and purple balloons

          - Amber and Megan will be here to volunteer and coordinate that day

Kayla Moncur
Meeting Minutes 9/24/2018

** Welcome

          - all in attendance stated their desire to become members-at-large

** Treasury Report

          - Michelle needed to leave early for Girl Scouts, but will give a full treasury accounting at our next meeting

** Game Night Recap

          - The evening went well, and for being a Homecoming game weekend, had pretty good attendance

          - There were 86 raffle tickets collected, so at least that many children there

          - Next year we will try for a Thursday night to see if even better attended

          - Next year we also want to try and more evenly space the teachers, older grade teacher matched with a younger grade teacher etc --- some rooms were very full and others had a lot less

** AZED101

          - This is a meeting to learn where education funds are going and how they get collected and disbursed

          - PTO hands needed to set up and take down chairs

          - Should only last about an hour

** Restaurant Nights

          - 10/17 Panda Express

          - 11/14 MOD Pizza

** Conference Week Teacher Dinner

          - Afton Welker has offered to have food truck cover this - Kayla will follow up

          - Will be Thursday night 10/18

** Fundraiser

          - There will be two options for fundraising given to parents this year.  One option is fundraising through Boon Supply, which offers a variety of products.  Parents will also have the option to do an "Unfundraiser", and contribute directly to the school.  Both forms will be sent out together on October 1.

          - Tiffany and Kayla will talk to Mr. Oliver about doing something for those who do fundraiser --- many kids enjoy working on it to try and earn a prize of doing something with their principal

** Picture Day volunteers

          - All volunteer positions needed have been filled

** Box Tops

          - We will have contests and prizes again this year for those classes collecting the most.  We will do this in two phases, before Christmas and then at the end of the year.  Discussed cookie party and otter pop party for those collecting the most.  Also discussed the possibility of a little something for the teacher of the class who collected the most.

          - For this first semester, we will finish collecting box tops through 12/12, then announce the winner on 12/14

          - Samantha still willing to coordinate, but does need more volunteer helpers to collect, count, and assemble from different grades.  Five volunteers offered assistance.

** Website

          - Parents can go to our website and it has a signup sheet for helping with various things.  We are especially looking for Carnival helpers at this time!

          - Many things can be ordered via the website.  Discussed adding a fee to those using a credit card on the site, as we do receive a large amount of charges from offering this service.

** Ways to bring in money

           - Anyone who links their Fry's card to Zaharis has a portion coming right to us.  Looks like people may need to re-link their cards this year though.

           - Amazon Smile

Next meeting:  October 22 at 2:30 pm

Kayla Moncur